3 of the Best E-Commerce Facebook Campaigns


Facebook — one of the world's biggest websites with 1.28 billion daily active users — is no longer just a social network but a powerful e-commerce platform, too. Forty-two percent of marketers say Facebook is critical or important to their business, and 77 percent of B2C companies generated customers from the site. As a result, businesses use this social network to boost conversions, promote new products and accelerate sales growth. Here are three of the best Facebook e-commerce campaigns ever.


Candy bar brand Butterfinger is no stranger to buzz-worthy ad campaigns. Characters from Fox's animated series "The Simpsons" appeared in commercials for the company from the late '80s. However, Butterfinger got a whole new generation talking with its 2016 Super Bowl-themed Facebook campaign. The company posted a series of videos on Facebook in the run-up to this sports event, which exposed Butterfinger's product to a global audience.
Butterfinger made use of Facebook's autoplay video feature, which targets prospective leads as they scroll through their newsfeed. These videos play by default and instantly grab the attention of consumers. They are super effective, too. In the first full quarter after Facebook implemented autoplay videos, users engaged with videos 25 percent more than in the same period the previous year. If you want to engage with more people on Facebook and direct them to your e-commerce website, autoplay videos could provide you with a return on your investment.


Perhaps more than any other social network, Facebook is an emotional outlet — a digital haven where users share their thoughts and innermost feelings. Ad campaigns on the platform should evoke a similar emotional response. Beauty brand Dove understands this. The company's Real Beauty campaign featured a commercial that challenged people's perceptions of themselves.
In the ad, women described their appearance to an FBI forensic artist from behind a curtain. Then, other people described the same women. The artist sketched portraits from both descriptions, and the results were strikingly different. The commercial exploded on Facebook, where users shared it 630,000 times within its first 10 days. This campaign was the brainchild of Ogilvy and Mather, who is a major influencer in the advertising world.


"Mr. Robot" — a tense drama series that airs on NBCUniversal's USA Network — created some serious social media buzz when it premiered in 2015. But the Facebook campaign that preceded the second season in 2016 generated even more hype. "Mr. Robot's" marketing team worked with digital agency ISL to promote the return of the series. They created a live Facebook broadcast which featured a masked man from the hacking group that features in the series. More than 2.2 million people watched the live stream, and there were more than 52,000 reactions and 25,000 comments.
Facebook's live video feature is something you might want to incorporate into your own e-commerce campaigns. Research suggests that people spend three times as long watching live videos compared to prerecorded videos.
If you want to create a killer Facebook e-commerce campaign, take notes from the three brands on this list. Use the autoplay video feature like Butterfinger, create an emotional connection with your audience like Dove, and use live video like Mr. Robot to increase revenue and attract more customers to your store pages.
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