5 Inbound Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business


Inbound marketing is essential for business growth, but it’s not always easy. These 5 inbound and content marketing web tools will make your job easier and provide new solutions. We kept the list short –– these tools are the best of the hundreds out there!



Listing all of Google Analytics’ bells and whistles would take pages upon pages. It can track virtually everything your website visitors do. This tool is vital to understand your website visitors and potential customers. Among other things, it can:

  • Track how many visitors land on your site
  • How long visitors stay on each page
  • Where they came from (Google, social media, ads, etc)
  • Which page they were on when they left
  • How many and what links they clicked
  • What device they used to view the site (desktop, mobile, or tablet)

You can also create goals on Google Analytics to measure the number of visitors who performed a task or series of tasks on your site and how much your business earned from those tasks.


Without buyer personas (semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer), inbound marketing is hard to do. This tool helps you create buyer personas to focus your marketing efforts! You can add specific details like demographics, behaviors and long-term buying goals, and then share them with the rest of your team.




Hubspot is the créme-de-la-créme of marketing software. It’s blown away industry standards by integrating tools for blogging, email, and social into one software. Adopting Hubspot has meant massive growth for many companies and organizations. At Cactus Cow, we like Hubspot so much that it’s an integral part of our inbound and content marketing services. Our agency is a Hubspot certified partner.




Using the right keywords can make or break your content marketing efforts. A keyword is a word or phrase people type into search engines to find information (content). T. A keyword is a word or phrase people type into search engines to find information (content). This Keyword Planner tool helps visitors find you by providing you with commonly-searched keywords. You can place these keywords in blog post titles, landing page headers, website copy, etc. (Caution: do not overuse keywords! Google doesn’t like it.)

Pro Tip: On the Keyword Planner, you can just enter your keywords and click the blue “Get Ideas” button. You don’t actually have to fill in the landing page or product category information!




Our friends over at Hubspot created this powerful email tool. At Cactus Cow, we use it to see when and how often our emails are opened. We can also schedule out our emails ahead of time. The tool gives us profile information about our contacts, like their social media pages. It can also provide company information like annual revenue, number of employees, geographic location, and more.


So there you have it! 5 stellar inbound marketing web tools that can jumpstart your business growth. Don’t forget –– web tools by themselves are useless. You need a solid strategy to know how to use those tools.

If you need help developing your inbound marketing strategy, contact us here at Cactus Cow. We’d be happy to help.

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