5 Solar Energy Marketing Hacks for 2018

In 2016, renewable energy sources accounted for about 10 percent of total energy consumption in the United States and around 15 percent of electricity generation. As more consumers seek out solar, renewable energy marketing is heating up. This means your solar energy marketing plan needs to be cohesive to your niche. Conventional marketing avenues like search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising still prove popular. However, there are other, lesser known, customer-generating techniques out there. Here are five unusual ways to market your solar energy business in 2018.


Power your solar energy marketing with an annual sweepstake, where you can award the winner with free solar power installation or cut-price solar panels. While this marketing method requires an initial outlay, it will increase the visibility of your business, attract new customers to your website and boost sign-ups to your services. Don't forget to advertise your sweepstake on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Research shows that online contests like sweepstakes generate, on average, 34 percent more fans on social media.


When the media covers the latest solar news and trends, more people search the internet for renewable energy companies. This is the perfect time to reach these prospective customers. Planning ahead and organizing your marketing around solar-themed days and events could prove profitable. For example, schedule social media posts for National Solar Day, which takes place in June, or during the American Solar Energy Society's Solar Conference, which is held in October. You could notice blazing traffic to your pages as a result. 


Typically, digital marketing strategies focus on Millennials — the age group most likely to use search engines and social media. Centering your solar energy marketing around the over-55s could provide you with much hotter profits. People in this age range are big solar energy users, presumably because they want to lower electricity bills and are likely to have more disposable income. Direct mail, newspaper ads, TV and radio spots — these are the methods marketers use to reach the lucrative over-55s


Most solar energy marketers create blog posts and design colorful infographics, but there are other content marketing methods that work just as well. Why not produce an e-book, for example? You can fill the pages with all the benefits of solar and target consumers who crave a long read. E-books are seldom used in solar energy marketing, so using this method will help you stand out from your competitors. Research suggests that e-book sales will overtake print book sales sometime this year.


Consumers love freebies, so why not create some of your own? Marketers have long used promotional tools — think pens or key chains with their company logo across the front — to increase exposure. In 2018, it's all about fidget spinners, the $500 million toy trend that everyone is talking about. If you want to outrank your rivals, design your own fidget spinners and hand them out at corporate events and trade shows. These promo gifts will definitely get you noticed!
Email automation and search engine optimization still work, but why not switch up your marketing in 2018? The five scorching solar energy marketing tips on this list will help you reach more customers and accelerate sales. Incorporate them into your marketing strategy for your moment in the sun.
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