5 Ways to Tell if You are Marketing Your Brand Successfully


You think your brand marketing strategy is strong, but how can you really tell? The success or failure of a campaign is not always straightforward. You need to run some tests to determine whether you have a winner on your hands or if you should restructure your marketing efforts.


How often do people bring up your brand on social media, blog articles and forum posts? An upward trend in these mentions indicates an improvement in your brand awareness. You can test different marketing tactics to see what lifts this figure the most, whether any strategy has a negative impact on the customer conversation and when you need to reach out to keep the momentum going.


Another area that you can test is your customer acquisition growth. Do you see a lot of new customers signing up after your marketing campaigns? An unsuccessful effort has little positive impact on this rate. Optimize your growth rate by paying close attention to this metric as you experiment with new marketing and advertising strategies. Determine the characteristics that are common to your most favorable options and include those in future campaigns.
The cost of customer acquisition is a related metric that helps you understand whether the new customer volume is truly from successful marketing or simply the result of increased advertising spending. A lower customer acquisition cost points to the strategy's success, as you get a strong result with fewer resources.


How many leads turn into customers at the end of the sales cycle? Your conversion rate is influenced by many factors, and your marketing plays a big part in it. The prospects should have all the information they need to commit to a decision once they reach the stage where the sales team steps in. Marketing prepares them for this move by showing customers how they benefit from the company's products, the reason to choose these items over a competitor, and persuasive arguments to overcome sales objections.
Conversion rate testing and optimization look at areas that could change for a better result. Audience segmentation is one way to boost this metric, as you can better target your marketing messaging to sub-categories among your buyers. Different channels, assets and calls-to-action provide other room for experimentation.


How many followers do you have on your social media accounts? You can't map an increased number to your conversion rate, but this metric is a good sign that your brand awareness efforts are working. Keep an eye on this number over time to gain a general sense of your business popularity. Look for campaigns that result in higher than average users.


Do you know how engaged your audience is? Customer and lead engagement come through many channels, from emails to comments on your social media posts. An authentic and genuine community could grow organically through your blog comments or another part of your marketing assets. This following gives you a valuable resource, as these users tend to become advocates and other strong promoters of your brand.
Measuring these metrics provides you with the insight you need to understand your marketing efforts. With this information in hand, you can optimize your campaigns and get the most out of your budget.
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