8 Questions to Ask Your B2B SEO Agency

You find a promising B2B SEO agency, but you're not quite sure whether they meet your needs. Before you sign a contract with this service provider, take the time to ask them these questions. A bit of research time up front can prevent a lot of frustration later.

1. What Results Have You Achieved for Previous B2B Clients?

You don't see the impact of SEO overnight. It can take weeks or months to fully realize what the changes have done to your search engine rankings. The B2B SEO agency should have case studies and client testimonials that they can send you with this information. Make sure that the material offers specific numbers, rather than vague details on the improvements. Corroborate this information with independent research from third-party sources.

2. What B2B Industries Have You Worked With?

While the B2B SEO agency doesn't necessarily need to have first-hand experience with your industry to be effective, it certainly helps. If you see a company that has given a major boost to others in your market, then they already have a baseline knowledge of the keywords, authority websites and audiences that frequent it.

3. How Will You Boost Search Engine Rankings?

The B2B SEO agency should be willing to give you a general overview of their process, the amount of time it typically takes and what happens at each stage of the project. Stay away from companies that offer you overnight results or guarantee a specific outcome. When the offer sounds too good to be true, it usually is and may involve Black Hat SEO or another sketchy method to get those rankings.

4. Do You Offer On-page and Off-page SEO?

On-page optimization is only half the battle for your B2B company. If you want end-to-end service, keep an eye out for companies that help guide your off-page SEO strategy as well.

5. How Do You Track SEO Performance?

Learn more about the analytic tools that the agency has at their disposal and the metrics that they track. You may learn about this part of the process when you read through case studies, but getting more information about it is useful.

7. Do You Include SEO Audits?

The SEO service provider should start with the current state of your web properties and strategy before they start making changes to it. An SEO audit looks at common ranking factors and the areas that could be causing a negative or positive impact. When they start on the SEO project, they use this information to fix the highest priority areas.

8. How Much Do Your Services Cost?

You don't want to choose an SEO company and then discover that their pricing is completely out of your company's budget. Talk about the cost early on if it's not already available on their website or in their sales material. If a custom quote is involved, do your best to provide accurate information when it comes to the project scope.

A quality B2B SEO agency is a valuable partner for your organization. They can help you achieve your ranking goals and put you in a good long-term position. Go through all the applicable questions when you start talking to an agency so you can find one capable of going the distance with your business.

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