Cure Cold Leads With Inbound Marketing


Selling your service or product isn’t easy. Salespeople often have a quota to hit, and they work their butts off trying to meet and exceed their goals. Try as they may, they may still be struggling with acquiring leads and closing sales.

This doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with your sales team. The real problem may lie with the sales process.  With a little help from inbound marketing, your sales team’s process can reach unprecedented levels of success with minimal effort.

In 2016, a survey of over 4,500 global corporations found that their sales reps struggled in the following sales phases:


(State of Inbound, 2016)


20% Struggled with Identifying a lead

33% Struggled with Prospecting

17% Struggled with Qualifying

30% Struggled with Closing

Now, see how inbound marketing can help you with….



In 2016, corporate sales teams are finding difficulty in:

  • Increasing their number of leads and contacts
  • Reaching a relevant audience
  • Growing traffic to their website
  • Reducing costs of contact/lead acquisition

Enter an inbound marketing campaign:

By developing valuable content that solves your target audience’s specific problem, you will establish your credibility as a provider of that product and/or service. Each time that user downloads offers and resources from your website, blog, or landing page, you will receive his or her contact information via a form submission. That’s an instant lead!  

Remember, your website is one of your salespeople! After your human team has left for the day, your website is working for you 24/7 to bring you leads. By utilizing an inbound marketing strategy, you are increasing your number of contacts, reaching a relevant audience, and growing more traffic to your website. Inbound marketing is typically far less expensive than  traditional lead acquisition methods. Not to mention that this method provides quite a bit of bang for a lot less buck.

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In 2016, corporate sales teams are finding difficulty in:

  • Reducing dollars and effort spent on unqualified leads
  • Developing a standardized process for qualifying leads
  • Increase the number of high quality leads

Well, hello! inbound marketing...

There are inbound marketing tools that go beyond building content. Hubspot, for example is a robust platform that actually gathers business data and scores leads based on a number of different qualifiers such as:

  • Business size
  • Company website
  • Annual revenue
  • Industry type
  • Business longevity
  • And so on

With the right inbound marketing tools, you can track what pages of your website the lead has visited and what content they have downloaded. This behavior can give you insights into whether or not this lead is worth pursuing. Tools like Hubspot allows you to develop automated emails and workflows that can be sent to leads to help nudge them closer to that first sales call. 


In 2016, corporate sales teams are finding difficulty in:

  • Converting contacts/leads to customers
  • Proving the ROI of their marketing activities
  • Increasing revenue from existing customers

A great inbound marketing plan does more than just produce quality content; it gives you valuable reporting on your lead activity, as well as tracking your ROI via real-world data.

By utilizing strong calls-to-action and landing page forms, you can guide leads through the sales funnel to convert into customers. Each time a lead takes an action on your website, you are able to gauge their needs and attend to those needs specifically. With tools like Hubspot, you can track each action and notify your sales team when the lead is primed and ready to become a customer.

Inbound marketing doesn’t stop there. Once you have a customer, you can continue to nurture them with additional content and communication to the point where that customer becomes a promoter for you. This means that the customer is sharing your content with others and aiding in referring more business your way. All this is possible with a powerful inbound strategy. 


Whether you are identifying, prospecting, qualifying, or closing leads, inbound marketing has proven to increase leads and close sales with greater ease than some traditional methods. No matter where in the sales process your sales reps are struggling, inbound marketing can be the cure, if used properly.

Keep in mind that your website is a top salesperson for your business. It never sleeps, doesn’t require health insurance or take sick days, and is constantly working to bring you in those qualified leads. 

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