Get More Leads With These Solar Energy Marketing Ideas

The solar energy sector is red hot. But as more companies compete for a slice of the market, many firms are left out in the cold. Solar providers need to stand out from the crowd if they want to catch consumers' attentions.

SolarCity, for example, offers $100 in travel credit for new customers who become Airbnb hosts and $1,000 cash back on solar panel system installations for Airbnb hosts and guests — a deal which generated some serious buzz. Here are four marketing offer ideas that could prove just as successful.


Retaining your existing customers is just as important as acquiring new leads. These customers are 50 percent more likely to purchase new products and spend 31 percent more than new customers, according to research from Nielsen.

One way to encourage your existing customer base to purchase a service from you in the future is to offer referral credits. You can reward consumers who tell their friends and family about your solar system. Customers can redeem these credits on products from your online store — batteries, solar panel replacements, enclosures, accessories, etc. — or use them to reduce the cost of a future solar installation.


Customers might be put off by the costs of solar, especially if they have to pay upfront for panels and installation. However, providing consumers with finance might encourage more prospects to invest in solar energy.
You could offer finance with zero upfront costs and advertise this special offer on your social media accounts. SolarCity offers something similar. The retailer allows homeowners to buy, rather than lease, solar panels with no upfront charges.


Offering five — or even 10 percent off — solar installation for new customers might reduce revenue at first, but it could also result in an influx of new customers. Discounts like this have a psychological effect on consumers. When promotions are only available for a certain amount of time, customers often feel like they are missing out on saving money unless they subscribe to the offer.

When you announce a big offer like this, make sure you advertise it on your website and social media pages. If the promotion is good enough, word will soon spread and customers will contact you for more information. Alternatively, send out an email to your existing customers and encourage them to share the offer with friends and family.


Coupon codes are another great way to drive interest in your solar company. These discounts entitle consumers to money off installation or solar products for a limited amount of time. Typically, customers will enter a discount code on your website when making a purchase.

Research has shown the powerful effect of coupon codes on consumers. Seventy percent of baby boomers, 63 percent of Generation Xers and 46 percent of millennials used paper coupons in 2016. Moreover, 28 percent of consumers are likely to spend more money if you offer a percentage off their total.

These four marketing offer ideas can entice homeowners who want to install solar panels. Remember, advertising your promotion on your social media accounts could tempt more customers to invest in solar services and attract more people to your sales pages.


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