How Content Marketing Can Increase Your Organic Search Rankings


You want to reach your target audience, but paid advertising may not give you the return on investment you expect. However, if your website is on page 5 of Google, customers will never find you before your competition. This organic traffic is actively looking for particular keyword phrases. It's a high-quality customer source that naturally discovers your website without any monetary investment. So how do you get your pages on the first page without a large paid search budget?


Content marketing flips the script from outbound advertising to inbound marketing. The basic concept of this strategy is to create useful resources for your target audience. Articles, blog posts, instructional videos and e-books are common digital assets used in these campaigns. You become a trusted source for information relating to your products and services, so customers become frequent visitors. Content marketing services can help you put together an effective campaign.


The naturally occurring traffic that reaches your site without paid advertisement or other outbound methods provides you with an excellent ROI. You end up with highly targeted traffic that learns about your company, the market segment and your products before they enter the sales funnel. Here are four ways that using content marketing increases this type of traffic.
  1. Improved search engine optimization. SEO refers to techniques you use to move your website higher in Google results. When you create content for your pages, you can include relevant keywords that help you rank better. Over time, you end up with a large library of articles, blog posts and other pieces focused on a narrow vertical. Google will recognize your site as an authority in that area and move your results up.
  2. Quality content attracts off-site links. Look at the type of content that gets linked on other websites. In most cases, these are high-quality resources that deliver a lot of immediate value to the readers. In-depth reviews, how-to guides and thorough 101 articles attract links from webmasters, bloggers and other influencers. You get access to an expanded audience for more traffic, and backlinks are another way to get an SEO boost.
  3. Get more social shares. You have content to go on your social media profiles, which helps you build your audience. Shareable posts get you more followers and have the potential to become a viral hit. Some companies can see millions of visitors when their content takes off, so having plenty of assets to post consistently is an important part of building your organic traffic. You also get an SEO benefit when you have many people sharing your pieces.
  4. Provide a better user experience. Another component of Google's search engine rankings is how closely your content matches the keywords users put into the search box. With lots of content, you can provide helpful results capable of answering all of their questions. One way you can gauge whether you're meeting user expectations is the bounce rate of each page. Small percentages indicate that users get the information required and continue to other pages on the site.
Content marketing is an excellent way to gain access to organic traffic that can lead to more customers, higher revenue and a better reputation. Stop focusing entirely on outbound advertising and start positioning yourself so that a steady stream of customers come directly to you.