How to Come Up With Ideas That Are Lead Magnets


Your email list helps you build a relationship with your website visitors, but you need a good way to get them to sign up in the first place. A lead magnet is a piece of content that you can offer to gather these email addresses. It's hard to come up with original and unique ideas for engaging content, but you may have the assets right in front of you.


A lead magnet provides significant value and goes above and beyond your existing content. After all, consumer inboxes are flooded with emails every day. You have to do something special to get a welcome invitation. Ideas that solve a pressing problem or tackle a topic with a comprehensive approach are good candidates for lead magnets.


You don't need to build a lead magnet from the ground up. In many cases, you have the necessary digital assets already on hand.

Consider compiling specific categories of your blog posts into an e-book. The only work you need to do with this lead magnet is to format the posts into a single cohesive document. Each blog post becomes its own short chapter, with transitions for a smooth flow throughout the book. Make sure to add visual appeal to your eBook. Create an attractive cover and use photos, charts and illustrations throughout the piece. Many companies use the PDF format for their eBooks.

Another option is to look at your top performing content and build checklists based on this information. Each list item should be actionable and contribute toward the reader's end goals. You can present this checklist as an image or a PDF, as this is a shorter document.

You can also create a unique report for your market segment, with the bulk of your content derived from your company's data and other industry research. Add your insight into any trends that you notice in the data, why the reader should care and what the future may bring to the table.


You have plenty of options for easy-to-implement lead magnets that you create specifically for your email offer.

Cheat Sheets
Cheat sheets address a specific area that concerns your readers and provide clear instructions on how to succeed. Think of the most important things that your readers need to know to succeed at their tasks and include these things in your cheat sheet.

Tool Kits
Tool kits consist of resources, applications, and content that equips your readers with everything they need to accomplish a task. For example, you can make a list of the most popular software, a video that explains how to use these programs and a best practices guide.

Tutorials are step-by-step articles that walk the reader through a task from start to finish. You focus on clarity and accessibility with this information, with actionable steps that are illustrated. Tutorials can cover almost everything, from everyday tasks to implementation guides for enterprises.


Lead magnets are the perfect tool for growing your email lists. You give subscribers valuable content and gain the opportunity to reach out to them in their inboxes. The relationship-building opportunities and brand awareness are well worth the time it takes for you to put together a lead magnet.

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