How to Increase Online Sales Through Social Media


Social media generates a powerful sales lift for stores that use this as part of their marketing tactics. BigCommerce found that online sales increased up to 32 percent for businesses leveraging social media channels. Discover how your business can increase online sales through social media marketing tactics!

Business Social Media Posting Best Practices

A common problem that companies run into on their social media pages is being too formal and uptight. Social networks have informal communication as the default. Sticking out as a business-only voice will likely be ineffective for building a brand following on social. Study the way your audience communicates and match it. You can use similar turns of phrase and verbiage to really embrace their voice. 

Choose a posting schedule and try to be as consistent as possible with it. While you don't want to wait months between your updates, it's better to choose a pace that you can actually achieve rather than being overly optimistic about your capabilities. Pair all of your written posts up with visual content. Images, infographics and even memes can work well to get your message across. 

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Nurturing Sales Leads

Social media platforms are an excellent place to nurture your relationship with sales leads. You have opportunities for multiple touchpoints when you interact with prospects, so they get used to seeing your company name in front of them. A few ways you can engage with them on social platforms include: 

  • Commenting on their updates
  • Sharing their posts
  • Answering their questions
  • Providing valuable information

Best Social Media Platforms for Businesses

The right social media platform for your company may be completely different from your competition. The choice is dependent on your industry, where your audience spends their time at and the resources you have available. You may find yourself preferring visual-heavy networks like Instagram and Pinterest if you have a lot of bright and eye-catching products. If you're a B2B company, LinkedIn is going to be the way to go. 

Experiment with the different sites to see where you get the best results. Try to limit your presence to the ones that you can keep up with. If you spread yourself too thin, the customer experience suffers on all of your channels. 

Using Native Ads

Native ads are another way to promote your business on social media platforms. This ad type appears alongside other on-site content. It typically gets marked as an advertisement but otherwise looks like a normal post. 

You can use native ads in your social media marketing strategy in a few ways. Brand awareness is easy to grow when you appear in people's feeds on a regular basis. You can use the platform's ad targeting tools to discover an excellent audience for your products and services. From there, you create a campaign that makes these prospects aware of your company. 

Another way of using native ads is to grow your business profile on that platform. Interested users can head to your profile from that native ad and end up following you. 

Since your native ad looks like social media content, you can also use it to promote articles, blog posts and other resources on your website. Try to focus on valuable information for your landing page, rather than a hard sell. 

Your business needs a strong social media strategy on your side to achieve your revenue growth goals. Spend some time putting together an approach that fits your audience. After some trial and error, you should end up with a strong social presence that helps you bring in more customers. 

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