How to Ramp Up Your Solar Energy Marketing Campaign


When it comes to solar marketing, things are finally heating up. More and more Americans are switching from conventional energy sources to solar energy, and companies are using red-hot marketing strategies to entice these solar shoppers. Here are three digital marketing tips for your solar energy campaigns.

1. Research the Market

Marketing solar energy isn't an exact science, but researching solar shoppers will help you reach the right demographics. Men in their mid-40s interested in real estate, home services and financial services are most likely to purchase solar products, according to one study. Focusing on this customer segment, therefore, could prove lucrative and help you achieve your marketing goals.

Seventy percent of solar households have an annual income of $45,000-150,000. Targeting these customers will also help you sell more solar products.

The latest analytics tools will tell you about the type of customers interested in your products and services. These provide you with valuable intelligence about prospective customers who visit your website and social media channels. Discover, for example, whether millennials are more likely to click on your site than baby boomers. Analytics will provide you with a competitive advantage over your rivals and let you fine-tune future marketing campaigns.

2. Use the Right Marketing Channels

Once you've researched the market, find the most popular marketing channels for your target customers. If you want to reach men in their 40s, for example, Facebook might not necessarily be the best platform to market your solar products. Research shows that only 8 percent of men aged 35-44 and 4 percent of men aged 45-54 use the social media site.

In this context, other marketing channels might be more useful. Email automation, for example, where you can deliver marketing messages to prospects and slowly move them through your sales funnel, could provide you with a better return on your investment than social media marketing.

"What is it you’re looking to achieve? Do you want people to buy? Do you want people to be aware?" asks Kathleen Griffith, writing for Forbes magazine. "There are different marketing channels that work better at achieving different marketing objectives."


3. Use Special Offers to Entice New Customers

Solar is still an untapped market — the majority of Americans rely on conventional energy sources to power their homes. Special offers and promotions, however, might convince skeptical shoppers to make the switch to your solar products. Introductory discounts — where new customers get money off solar panels, for example — can be a great way to boost business.

Don't forget to showcase all the perks of solar, either. Promotions are all very well and good, but you need to convince first-time solar buyers about the long-term benefits of using this technology. Tell prospective customers about the cost savings they could make or why solar is good for the environment. Many solar companies are quick to introduce exciting deals for new customers but don't include this important information.

These three tips will help you optimize your solar marketing strategies so you can increase the visibility of your company, generate more leads and boost revenue. Expert predicts that the solar energy market will generate $422 billion by 2022, so there will be plenty of opportunities to market your products over the next few years.

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