Is Your Current Brand Marketing Strategy Speaking To the Right Audience


Your brand strategy is only as good as its ability to target the right audience. If you miss the expectations of your ideal customers, your messaging won't have the intended impact. You don't have an unlimited marketing budget, so you need options that work effectively. It's time to troubleshoot your current marketing effort so you stay on track.


Which channels do you currently use? Research whether these are the right picks for your ideal audience. While large social networks such as Facebook or Twitter might have a large volume of visitors, they aren't the right fit if your customers don't spend a lot of time there.
Put your attention on other channels that are more effective at attracting the right people. In some cases, you only need small alterations to your current campaigns to fit into the new websites. Try to reuse as many assets as possible so you can quickly test out the new channels to see whether they offer a good fit for your brand.


Are the pain points you talk about actually relevant to your intended audience? One of the best places to go for more information about these challenges and frustrations is your current customer base. Survey them to get feedback about the reasons they choose your products, the problems that they solve and other relevant details.
If you are a new company, try looking up hashtags on Twitter or going to forums to discover common pain points in this demographic. Find relevant conversations by finding people talking about your closest competitors. While you may not have a perfect overlap with that audience, you have a good starting point.


You need buyer personas to keep your marketing strategy consistent. A campaign may miss the mark on messaging because there's no clear information about your ideal customers. The buyer persona brings all of this data into one place and acts as a reliable reference to coordinate your efforts. These profiles change over time as you learn more about your customers or grow into new markets. Revisit them on a regular basis, so you don't end up misaligned in the future.


The words and phrases that you use in your marketing materials should also match the way your audience communicates. The choices you make here can turn a relatable and engaging campaign into one that the audience passes by without a second glance. Social media is an invaluable tool for grasping exactly how your typical customer talks.
You can also analyze your emails and customer support entries for first-hand data. If you know about forums or other types of online communities in your market segment, spend some time reading through the conversations that occur between members. Develop a style guide to document this lexicon and use it for all of your marketing efforts. By creating a single resource that consolidates this information, you improve consistency in your marketing messaging.
Don't stress out over a poorly performing marketing campaign. You might not reach your audience with it, but you learn a lot about what doesn't work for your brand. Use these insights to move forward with a strategy that reaches your target audience and brings in more revenue.
Building a Targeted Persona Template