See How Digital Advertisements Can Boost your Brand Marketing


Digital advertising gives you access to a worldwide audience without the logistical problems of shipping marketing materials to another country. You handle everything online and put your brand directly in front of your target audience. Digital advertisements have many uses in your brand marketing campaigns.


"Build it and they will come" is not applicable in today's marketing world. True to the fundamentals of inbound marketing, you need to get your brand in front of potential customers and build up your audience. While creating blog posts and a mailing list help generate interest among the people who visit your site, it doesn't do much for everyone else. Digital advertisements expand your reach to attract people who don't know about your company or products.
They don't need to click on the ads, as you're only aiming for better brand awareness as an outcome. Low-cost, high-volume traffic sources may not be great for direct conversions, but they help you build familiarity with your brand. Think about all the companies that send flyers, postcards, and catalogs through the mail. They assume that many of these pieces go straight into the trash, but not before the person gets a glimpse of it. Over time, they grow to recognize the brand.


You don't run into a lot of website visitors that make a purchase the first time they take a look at your page. They might get distracted by another site, not be in the mood to buy, or have responsibilities they need to address. You have to take action to increase the chances that they'll come back later on.
Retargeting is a type of digital advertisement that helps you recapture people that have already visited your website. It works by identifying previous site visitors through a tracking pixel or cookie and showing them ads designed to attract their attention. You don't need to focus on brand awareness building, as you already got them to take the first step of visiting your site.
They have some interest in your products and services, so you need to learn more about their needs and expectations. Your digital ads may lead these prospects to landing pages with middle-of-the-funnel content, which educates them about their choices. You teach them about a particular product category or methods to solve a problem they commonly encounter. The information they receive at this stage moves them through the buying journey.


A one-size-fits-all marketing campaign doesn't bring you the same ROI as a highly targeted effort that speaks directly to a portion of your audience. You can use digital advertising to segment your audience and guide them to the most relevant information needed to make a purchase decision or sign up for your mailing list.
Create separate ads for each part of your market. For example, if you have three major product categories, use unique ads for each. You allow potential customers to self-select their interests and you get the opportunity to lower your customer acquisition costs.
Digital advertisements are a versatile tool for your marketing belt. You can expand your reach and move into new audiences to build brand awareness, bring people back to make purchases and gain a better understanding of your customers. It's an essential item to add to all of your campaigns.
Not sure where to start? The first step of any successful digital ad campaign is to clearly define your target market or as we call them, your personas. Download our free persona toolkit and get started!
Building a Targeted Persona Template