Solar Energy Marketing: 5 Ways to Empower the Consumer

Solar is well on its way to becoming the world's largest source of energy by 2050. But, you probably already knew that. What companies are still trying to figure out is how to get a competitive edge on their solar energy marketing strategy. You have a great product and the right market - what’s next? Learn how to empower your potential consumer with these solar energy marketing tips.


EnergySage has created its own Marketplace for helping the solar consumer through the process of purchasing panels and other products. The company has partnered with The Solar Foundation to build a bridge between homeowners and over 400 pre-screened solar installers. It can be very beneficial to a solar energy company to be featured on EnergySage's list. The purpose is for the individual to be able to navigate the solar market with ease and fairness that isn’t necessarily included with a quote directly from the installer.

But, what if the installer did make the process easy and fair? Being transparent is maybe the most effective PR strategy in the book for any business. Building trust and being honest with your customers will create a positive rapport, that may even outweigh the price.



You know when you’re at the doctor’s office and your physician starts rattling off a bunch of foreign lingo? Your potential customer probably feels similar if you forget to speak like a normal person. Most likely, your customer just wants to save money on their energy bills - if you’re using industry jargon, nothing will resonate and things will get uncomfortable. Empower the consumer by using language they will surely understand and explaining complicated terms.



If you’re in the solar industry, chances are you’re pretty stoked about alternative energy. Excitement is important for salespeople to have, but if it prevents you from hearing the customer's concerns, it can negatively affect your sales pitch.

Depending on where your potential customer is in the buyer’s journey, they could just be considering the option of solar panels. Bolting panels to the roof of their house (probably their most valuable possession) that could pose as a hazard or maintenance nightmare is a valid concern. Taking into consideration the customer’s uncertainties is an important element to have in your solar energy marketing plan.



Gain a position of authority in your industry by producing and sharing content that pioneers market trends. How does this empower the consumer? When a customer purchases your product, they buy into your business - they are invested in your success and reputation. In other words, customers are the best advocates for your brand.

Setting the trends in your market by updating social media and creating material for industry publications positions you as a source of information for other solar companies. Customers will feel a sense of pride and confidence to have the most innovative product on their roofs or in their yards.



One of the biggest mistakes that’s made in solar energy marketing is not following up with customers after the installation. Satisfied customers are a great source of promotion, so don’t forget about them! Check in with past or current customers and see if they would be willing to write a review on their experience. Empowering the consumer with a voice after the sale should be an aspect of your solar energy marketing strategy.

As the solar energy market continues to expand, so should your company’s marketing strategies. Empowering the consumer before, during, and after the sale should be at the forefront of your mind - it’s what can set you apart from the competition. Making people feel good about their solar energy purchase and backing it up with transparency will help propel your business forward.


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