Tips for Crushing Your First Digital Media Placement Campaign

The internet is a useful tool when it comes to promoting products and services. This is why the number of companies investing in digital advertising has increased substantially over the last five years, and is set to increase even more.

Dollars spent on internet advertising surpassed newspaper ad spending back in 2013. The market research company eMarketer predicts that by 2019, mobile advertising will account for one-third of all advertising spending.

But, what exactly is digital advertising?

Any ad you see on the internet is classified as digital advertising. Additionally, when we say “digital media placement,” it’s the act of strategizing where (and how) digital ads will appear most effectively.

There are a ton of different types of digital media advertisements, but some of the main ones are:

Digital advertising is most effective when it is specific and delivers your message succinctly. Here are five things you can do to improve your digital media placement campaign's success rate: 


Eye-catching copy is essential, as it keeps the reader interested and allows you to get your message across so you can sell your products or services. Here are some things to think about:

  • Identify personas
  • Invest time and effort into making your message unforgettable
  • Speak to your audience as you would your peers
  • Choose an attention-grabbing headline
  • Focus on making the sale

A recent report relays that marketers should keep display ad copy between five to 10 words. Research also suggests that the average user only looks at a digital ad for one or two seconds. This fact discourages the current average of an animated ad’s duration: 10 to 15 seconds with multiple frames. If the longer animated display ad is the route you’re taking, make sure to get the message across in the first few seconds.

There’s something to say about a billboard advertiser’s technique when it comes to effective copy. Catching a driver’s attention within a split second means short, hard-hitting copy. Digital ad makers should think along the lines of quick brand messaging, as opposed to direct-response ads. Just like drivers, web users are normally goal-oriented, and pay little attention to messaging that pops up on the way to their destination.


Native advertising is no joke. If you have an inspiring, awe-worthy, or feel-good story that coincides with your brand or product, create a shareable post about it.

Teaming up with a complimentary brand can open up a whole treasure trove of story opportunities. This may sound like more work than generating a bunch of little posts that will get hints of engagement here and there, but the ROI of a quality native ad will outweigh any of the extra work.


Take this example:

The Mindy Project on Hulu sponsored a native ad to be featured on apartmenttherapy.com, and you would never guess it was an advertisement. The Mindy Project (inspired by Mindy Kaling’s actual mother), takes place in New York City, making it a no-brainer for the protagonist to have a swanky brownstone apartment. Apartment Therapy features digital “open house” tours and decor advice. So, “the chicest apartment on TV” paid for its own open house tour to have a spot on the site, complete with buyable decor embedded in the images.


Mindy's Shoppable House


As you scroll through the beautiful imagery and fun facts about the show, a little social media menu follows you, subtly bugging you to share this story on all of your accounts. And why wouldn’t you?! You love shabby-chic credenzas!

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Using the right words will help you reach your target audience and increase the likelihood of successfully promoting your campaign. If you are not sure where to start, begin with these two questions:

  • What category do the key phrases fall under?
  • Can you refine the keywords further within the specified categories?

Aim to think like a customer. Determine the keywords and key phrases they might use to find what you are promoting. Then, run your list of keywords through search engine suggestion tools to generate more terms that you could use. Also, using synonyms is a good way to build upon the words you have already selected. 


Google, Facebook, YouTube, Pandora, and other outlets help numerous companies engage with customers and businesses. In 2007, American Express decided to initiate direct communications with small- to medium-size businesses with its OPEN forum. Within six years, it gained notoriety on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

OPEN simplified business interactions between smaller companies across these familiar platforms. The communication forum also increased its monthly visitor traffic while racking up 10 million views on its YouTube channel. 


It's always best to keep your budget in mind when planning and implementing a campaign because, if you don't, you can easily go over it. Search engine optimization and online display advertising will usually take up the majority of your budget, so take that into consideration when formulating your plan. 


One of the great things about digital marketing is the ability to observe how well a marketing campaign is being received. With metrics, you can find out what viewers think and check on how many clicks your ad is getting. This information can then be used to enhance the campaign and improve results. And, if a campaign is not doing very well, you can either tweak it or pause it for a while.

If there are parts of your target audience that are just not responding, transfer some of those dollars to areas that are doing well. Moreover, if you’re seeing negative feedback or decreasing click rates, make sure to have a backup plan.

Another factor to consider is “banner blindness.” Banner blindness happens when a targeted user - let’s say, on Facebook - sees the same ad each time they log on. Well, that person may be intrigued the first time seeing the banner, but after the second or third time, become blind to it. So, even if your ad is getting great click through rates right off the bat, it’s normal to see them decreasing because the same people are seeing it every time they browse Facebook. Your CTR then plummets along with your budget.

Here are a few ways to fix a decreasing CTR on Facebook:

  1. Exclude your audience members who are already fans of your campaign - they are in a different stage of the buyer’s journey. Why treat them the same as first-time visitors? You can sync your leads or current customers to be automatically excluded from certain ads. You can do this right on Facebook.
  2. Update your campaign’s text or imagery to breathe new life into the ad. People will especially notice if your image is updated. This also poses an excellent tip for creating an ad campaign: test different images with different copy to see which one works the best. Otherwise known as A/B testing.
  3. Sometimes you just need to switch up the target audience. Learning from what doesn’t work is what marketing is all about!


Digital marketing is on the rise because most people spend a considerable amount of their time online these days. Mobile devices allow people to stay connected through social media and messaging platforms wherever they are in the world, so it's beneficial for marketers to target audiences through their digital devices.


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