Tips on Marketing Solar Energy in Arizona

You have many opportunities to sell solar energy in Arizona, as the market has grown five percent in the first quarter of 2017. Property owners in the state want to take advantage of the renewable power resources available to them, but they may need some convincing to go from an interested party to your next customer. Find out some effective methods of marketing solar energy in Arizona.


Solar energy is an excellent investment for long-term savings and efficiency, but you need to convince prospects that the short-term expenditure is worth it. Start out by taking a benefits-focused approach that allows property owners to see what they're getting out of the deal.

Educate the Customer

You don't want to use hard selling tactics when they're just getting used to the idea of adding solar energy to their Arizona building. Instead, focus on educating them about how it works, the reasons that it's excellent for their property values and the environmental benefits. Provide hard numbers that show exactly how much they would save on their energy costs in the long-run.

Transparency is Key

You want to provide a lot of resources that make it easy for the potential customers to understand exactly what solar energy is and what they can expect. You don't want to over-promise solar performance, as that leads to a negative customer experience. After all, you're not just convincing your prospects that solar is the right choice. You're also influencing their social circle, who will see the benefits first-hand.

Appeal to Social Circles

Leads who are ready to take the next step can start learning about the different categories of solar energy systems available, the best use cases for them and whether your products fit their requirements. In some cases, you may need to direct prospects away from your company, as they may be a poor fit for your solutions. Don't take that result as a loss.

Your authenticity and willingness to help the property owner, even when you don't end up getting the sale, pay off in positive brand recognition, word-of-mouth recommendations and a quality sales experience. 

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Solar energy is a tempting market in Arizona, and plenty of marketers are already at work. What can you do that helps you stand out from the crowd?

Know Your Product

You can start by having a complete grasp on the products that you're marketing. Go beyond a superficial understanding of how solar power works and the ways your particular solutions function.

When you have this knowledge available, you'll have an easier time qualifying leads. It won't take long for you to realize whether a potential customer is a great match for your products or if they'll be better off elsewhere.

Form a Positive Opinion

Contemplate all of your solar marketing interactions carefully. The property owners will consider every point of engagement when they're deciding whether to do business with your company. If they feel like they were treated poorly on social media or they had a hard time looking at the product sheets that you sent, then they may form a negative opinion about your solar solutions.

Solar energy marketing in Arizona is an exciting opportunity for marketers looking to participate in a rapidly growing area. With a strong focus on a quality pre-sales experience, the right mix of resources and a lot of authenticity, you can find yourself in the middle of a bustling solar energy company.

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