What Does an SEO Analyst Do?

You know you need SEO goals when it comes to your content strategy; but, how do you plan on reaching those SEO goals? When you hire an SEO agency, you'll have several types of specialists working on your project. An SEO analyst has a critical role in making sure that you see the expected results from your investment. Here are a few of the things that they do to make this happen. 

Monitors SEO Results

A lot of the SEO analysts time is spent in analytics programs, looking at everything from your search engine position to the number of links that are coming into your website. They work with the SEO data to ensure that the project is on the right track, identify opportunities to improve performance, and discover any issues that could be holding back your website. 

Auditing Technical SEO

The technical aspects of SEO cover many website tweaks that maximize the SEO potential of each page. The SEO analyst will go through the site to find the areas that need to be addressed. They may use specialized tools to help them scan the site, or recommend a solution for pointing out any oversights on the page.  They can fix the issues or another person in the SEO agency may do that instead. 

Disavowing Links

Inbound links are an important factor in moving your website up in the search engine rankings, but they don't always come from sites that you want to be associated with. The SEO analyst takes a look at where your links come from and they will disavow any that could have a negative impact on your SEO. 

One of the most common situations that require link disavowing is if your organization used link building methods that are discouraged by Google. As long as the search engine thinks you endorse those links, you may be penalized on your positioning. Disavowing breaks the ties between your site and one that is low quality or not relevant. 

Planning Content

Content marketing is a critical part of a modern marketing strategy, and you need to have SEO in-place on all of these pieces before they go out. The SEO analyst researches the keywords that drive traffic and conversions in your industry, what your competition is doing, and the phrases that you want to focus on. 

They make recommendations on what you should include in your content, such as a certain amount of keywords and related phrases. They will also review your existing digital assets to see whether any changes are necessary to get more out of the pieces. 

Preparing Reports

If you don't have a strong background in SEO, it may be difficult to understand exactly how all these factors make a difference in your website's ranking. This SEO agency role has the responsibility of taking the data from the analytics software and creating reports that show exactly what's going on. 

They translate their specialized SEO knowledge into a language that is understandable for anyone looking at the report. You learn about the project's progress, the return on your investment, the changes that are happening and whether you need to make major decisions on the scope. 

An SEO analyst is working on a lot of things at once during your project. While most of their duties take place behind the scenes, you'll end up touching base with them when it comes time to discuss performance or the direction of the project. If you're interested in tracking the ROI of your marketing efforts, enlisting an SEO analyst is a great first step.

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