Why You Need B2B Marketing Phoenix

Are your marketing efforts not seeing the aggressive growth results that you're seeking for your B2B organization? B2B marketing in Phoenix can create many opportunities to rapidly expand and establish yourself as an industry-leader player in the market. Here are a few reasons that a B2B marketing company is an essential partner when you want to go beyond your current revenue figures.

B2B Buyer Journeys are Complex

Your B2B buyer goes through a journey that's a lot more complex than the typical B2C customer. You work with multiple people during the research, consideration and procurement processes, so you're not trying to develop a relationship with only one person. In some cases, you have to spend a lot of time figuring out who ends up making the final purchase decision and what everyone's role is in the buyer's journey. 

Multiple sales presentations and demos may be a part of turning a lead into a customer. In some cases, businesses that you talked to years ago will get back in contact with you when they're done with their current solution. When you have help understanding the buyer's journey and how to maximize the touch points that they encounter along the way, you can improve your performance. 

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B2B Marketing Strategies Have a Lot of Moving Parts

You have to juggle a lot of parts for a B2B marketing campaign. It may span across multiple offline and online channels, include in-person visits, and require substantial content support. A B2B marketing agency helps you coordinate all of these efforts so you're getting the most out of your investment, and they often assist with the time-consuming content creation side of things as well. 

Here are a few aspects from a typical integrated B2B marketing campaign: 

  1. Blog post series
  2. Data sheets
  3. Landing pages (see below)
  4. Content upgrade
  5. Ebook
  6. Email series
  7. Follow up email communication
  8. In-person event
  9. Direct mail
  10. Social media promotion
  11. LinkedIn post
  12. Retargeted ads
  13. Booth at trade show


Effective B2B Marketing Requires Consistent Effort

You don't sprint to the sales conversion finish with a B2B lead. The relationship building process could last for months to years, depending on the sales cycle of your B2B market. Trying to maintain connections with your leads over this time span doesn't work with one-and-done or inconsistent marketing approaches. 

Daily B2B marketing activities could eat up all of your time, or that of your employees. Partnering with a B2B marketing agency in Phoenix gives you an asset that you can use to stay on top of these precious relationships. 

The Market Size is Limited

B2B markets are not unlimited and may not necessarily have an influx of new customers in the way that B2C does. A limited number of companies need the type of solution that you offer, and only a few people at each business are the actual decision makers. You can't afford to squander any of these opportunities, but that's exactly what happens if you don't have the marketing support to maximize the potential of each lead. 

B2B marketing in Phoenix opens the door to aggressive growth for your company. You delegate these specialized tasks to a team of experts, and focus on other aspects of the business. They keep the campaigns running, suggest new ideas, track performance and act as a partner for your long-term success. 

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