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As inbound lead generation gurus, our team expertly attracts leads to your brand. Our experience in a wide gamut of industries has allowed us to narrow in on the best lead generation processes. Of course, mind-blowing lead gen isn’t a one-size-fits-all scheme. DGA uses strategies specific to your industry, audience, and messaging to provide you with the finest leads.

So, you’ve seen our work and you’ve heard our pitch. Are you ready to begin your own inbound lead generation quest? We’ll show you the ropes.

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landing-page-personaYou know those airline workers who help direct the plane with miniature lightsabers? In essence, that’s what a buyer persona does. They direct your marketing efforts because you trust that they’ll help you land a sale (or a plane). The Targeted Persona Toolkit will help you build your army (3-5) of buyer personas specific to your business.

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Accurate Personas

The Targeted Persona Toolkit helps you determine accurate representations of your ideal buyers.


Understand Your Audiences

You’ll better understand your target audiences and have a robust marketing device after working through the toolkit.


Present Your Findings

The Targeted Persona Toolkit makes it easy to share your findings with your team so everyone is in line with the strategy.