Electro Watchman has used the most state-of-the-art technology to keep its Midwest customers secure for over 90 years. Watchman prides itself on superior customer service and providing quality security and fire detection systems. The security and fire system company has five locations, including Bismarck, Fargo, Sioux Falls, and St. Paul.

Watchman had established strong relationships with its clientele but was looking for a way to branch out to a broader audience. That’s when Electro Watchman and Digital Growth Agency teamed up. We knew Watchman needed to improve their off- and on-page SEO to get in touch with more potential customers, so a custom Website and SEO Insights Consulting plan was the route we agreed on. This plan helped Watchman craft their content for search engine crawlers, catapulted their listing to the first page of Google, and increased the website’s click-through rate.


To help Electro Watchman advance their SEO practices, DGA needed to fully understand Watchman’s current SEO condition, as well as the goal for their digital presence. Our team of data analysts promptly dove into a full SEO audit of Watchman’s website. Advanced tracking and analytics tools were applied to the website to gather performance information.

The Watchman team members pride themselves on their exceptional in-house customer service, including punctual response time, quality of work, and personableness. We were made aware that this is not the norm in the security system industry. After discovering this, DGA knew this quality of service needed to be highlighted in the upcoming SEO revisions. Not to mention, Electro Watchman has offices in cities where other security and fire system businesses have yet to explore. These considerations gave Watchman an excellent head start to their overall SEO goals.

It was concluded that Electro Watchman needed to ramp up their local SEO strategy for all five of their locations. Additionally, one of Watchman’s business objectives was to appeal to commercial and residential customers alike. A comprehensive SEO strategy was quickly formulating.



Throughout Electro Watchman’s first cycle with the Website & SEO Insights Consulting plan, our data analysts carefully reviewed the website’s current SEO condition and reported on components that needed tweaking or to be added for successful ranking efforts. Extensive keyword research was then conducted for all five of Watchman’s unique locations.

Electro Watchman Website

Carefully creating keyword- and location-specific content was the next step in the SEO plan. Electro Watchman’s optimized content was to include five location-specific web pages and keyword-focused meta titles and descriptions for all pages.

Electro Watchman CTA

As the re-building of Watchman’s SEO strategy continued, Digital Growth Agency made sure to constantly track how efforts were performing. This tracking and reporting led to even more SEO and website accessibility recommendations such as improving forms, calls-to-action, and the contact pages.

Electro Watchman Commercial Security Content

Other pages that required updated content included the services and About Us pages. The goal for these content overhauls was to increase time-on-page metrics and to include target key phrases.


With a solid customer base but the desire to expand it, Electro Watchman agreed to a Website & SEO Insights Consulting plan. Through agile and evidence-based strategies, Watchman was able to achieve:

  • A 6.9% increase in traffic from Google
  • A 8.3% increase in new users
  • 71% growth in visits to contact pages
  • 40% growth in visits to contact forms

Before the Website & SEO Insights Consulting plan, Electro Watchman was showing up on the bottom of the second page of Google (and worse) for queries like “security systems Fargo ND.” Now, Watchman shows up on the first page of Google for such search terms.

Electro Watchman Vehicle

Electro Watchman Family

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