Case Study
Corporate Web Services

The Story

Our goal was to increase the performance of the CWS website based on data from actual users.

The CEO wanted:

  • More leads
  • More qualified leads
  • A better understanding of what was and was not working on the site.

See the Website


The Solution

During the first 90 days we applied a growth driven design approach. Tools were attached to the site and an in depth analysis conducted every three weeks. We attached heat maps, scroll analyzers, clicks, form completions (both full and partial), visits and more. This was completed on both desktop and mobile activity.

During the first 90 days of executing our Growth-Driven Design process we completed 18 improvements and ran 5 A/B testing experiments.

The Results

First 90 days compared to same time period in the previous year.


  • Bounce rate improvement of 24.87%
  • Number of visitors up 29.75%
  • Pages / Session Up 25.33%


  • Bounce rate improvement of 57.48%
  • Exit percentage improvement of 39.5%
  • Pageviews increased 22.49%


  • Bounce rate improvement of 42.01%
  • Exit percentage improvement 23.67

Client Portal

  • Bounce rate improvement of 41.56%
  • Exit percentage improvement of 31.79%


  • New leads and subscribers increased by 107%



After 90 days, we are seeing exciting results and are not slowing down with our continued improvement and growth of the CWS website. After each cycle we develop new goals and put into action the steps to reach those goals.



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