Case Study
Lori Reinalda Remax Results

growth-driven design creates stunning results in first 6 months

Real Results


Their Goals

Lori and Justin Reinalda, one of the top real estate teams in Rochester, MN, knew they needed to be one step ahead of the highly competitive real estate industry. They had 2 goals:

1. Increase leads from their website
2. Provide educational resources for buyers & sellers

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Their Solution

The Growth-Driven Design (GDD) method was perfect for Lori and Justin’s goals. The Digital Growth Agency team implemented it immediately! Here’s what we did:

  1. Design: We created and launched a website with clear calls-to-action to put both buyers and sellers in contact with the Lori Reinalda team.
  1. Analyze: We tracked how web users interacted with the website, and analyzed the data continuously.
  1. Improve: We used our hard data to launch incremental improvements to the new site.



And lastly - We drove traffic to their site via:

  • Google Adwords and Display Ads
  • Educational content and resources creation
  • Social media management and posting strategies

A Success Story

Within the first 6 months of applying the GDD to the Lori Reinalda team’s web strategy, we secured:



Lori Reinalda Remax Results is leading their industry by successfully implementing the Growth-Driven Design strategy into their digital environment. By joining forces with Digital Growth Agency, they have turned their website into a high-performing sales tool that works 24/7 for their business.

As Lori Says...

lori-reinalda-remax-results-smDigital Growth Agency is the definition of a creative professional. They know how to blow your mind with their creativity while having high professional standards and being experts at everything they lay their hands on.
-Lori Reinalda ReMax Results



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