Main Street Dental Clinics have been our poster child for growth-driven design. MSDC lets us track user behavior on their website and make updates (with their approval, of course) accordingly. The fleet of five dental clinics had really made an impact on the oral health of southern Minnesota but reached out to DGA for an extra digital boost. An increase in patient leads, a new website, improved content marketing, and an industry-specific SEO strategy were all in the pearly white stars for MSDC.

Discovery Phase

One of the first steps DGA and Main Street Dental took together was in the form of a logo redesign. Considerable research and thought concerning color, font, and elements of the old logo went into the modern toothbrush logo we see today.

Other feats MSDC wished to achieve included

  • a new, modern website,
  • a comprehensive patient portal,
  • increased lead generation,
  • and an increase in new patients for all five locations.

In addition to new patients, dental clinics need to find ways to retain their current patients. Of course, part of this is up to the dental team themselves. But, an inbound marketing approach can be taken to enhance the efforts of the dental clinic. Our team got to work researching best practices for delighting current patients in accordance with attracting new ones. By this time, we were almost certain Main Street Dental would be an excellent fit as a growth-driven design client.

Building Phase

Once our initial research and consultation were done, the building phase commenced. First up: the website. Main Street’s website needed an aesthetic refresher, as well as an overhaul of functionality. Through user behavior data we collected, DGA was able to make educated suggestions for the website’s layout, navigation, patient portal, callouts, and lead generation forms. Mock-ups were in motion.


A unique aspect of Main Street Dental is that although there are five different locations, it’s not a franchise. All of the doctors are partners who own and operate their own practices under one brand. This was a very important fact to communicate through the new website, as well as in future campaigns. It was equally important to make each location’s contact info accessible to potential and current patients.

MSDC Location Pages

MSDC offers a rare special to first-time patients and their families: free dental exams and X-rays. This is obviously a focal point for inbound marketing campaigns but also needed to be called out on the website. The free exam and X-rays offer now has its own button at the top of the navigation and an optimized request form.

As soon as the branding and website were in order, content creation and ad campaigns were underway. An SEO strategy was developed and helpful content about dental hygiene was created and distributed through various channels. The marketing and design efforts of Main Street Dental and DGA translated into more website visitors, more qualified leads, and more patients. DGA continually fine-tunes MSDC’s digital methods and proposes new ideas for patient generation and retention.

Free Dental Exam & X-Rays



With the help of DGA, Main Street Dental Clinics was able to acheive the following.


Increase in organic traffic


featured Google Snippets for blogs


Increase for local traffic


Increase in views to contact pages

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