MedEd Web Solutions is sort of like DGA (only probably smarter). MEWS - as we like to call them - is a national web-based company that helps healthcare institutions reach their goals through software as a service (SaaS). MEWS offers two major SaaS products: MedEd Manager and the Well-Being Index. With all of these medical-sounding names floating around, MEWS decided to ask for assistance in wrangling in their brands and generating the best leads.

Discovery Phase

Healthcare is a multi-trillion dollar industry that oftentimes requires an up-and-coming brand to find a niche. MEWS had found their niches but needed help communicating to the right audiences what they actually offer. Tools and services MedEd Web Solutions is focused on include

Originally, the MEWS team was planning on marketing all of these offerings individually. They soon discovered that an overarching brand name was necessary to more effectively communicate with industry leaders and improve SEO.

During its first year, MEWS didn’t gain much traction due to a lack of awareness for its services. Creating a user-friendly website wasn’t going to be enough - we needed to initiate a full-fledged lead generation plan for each service and for MEWS as a whole.

Well-Being Assessment, CME Event Management, HIPAA Compliant Hosting



After doing extensive user analysis, a layout for the new website was decided on. It would highlight the two main products MEWS wanted to display: the Well-Being Index and MedEd Manager.

Physician Well-Being Index Demo

The blog would feature topics concerning all the niches MEWS targets. Unique SEO strategies were used to ramp up the most prominent services. The on-page SEO strategy was cut in half; one focusing on the Well-Being Index, the other on MedEd Manager.


We understood the best way to show visitors how the MEWS tools worked was… well, to show them how they worked. Demos were created for both the major SaaS products.

WBI Inline Offer

Another marketing endeavor was digital text and display ads to promote the Well-Being Index and MedEd Manager. Paid advertisements were aimed at specific audiences and deployed on relevant social fronts to bring in qualified leads.

MEWS Display Ads


With our top-notch skills in SEO, digital ad management, and lead generation, and MEWS’ top-notch services, we achieved:


Overall User Increase


Organic Search Increase


New Sessions


Increase in Form Submissions


Page Views Increase


New Customers

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