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Search engine optimization helps Google’s minions determine if the web page is useful to people. When you implement a fitting SEO strategy, Google notices. Search engines value quality content that answers search queries over pages simply stuffed with keywords. Don’t fall behind the competition because of bad SEO practices (or having none at all).

Another aspect of SEO that’s either fascinating or annoying depending on how you look at it is its upkeep. We will help you with your first round of SEO updates, but also assist you in generating new material and improving the old. We promise it’s more fun than it sounds!

Create a Strategy

After we audit your website’s current state of SEO, it will be time to establish a strategy to get you the leads you need. Keyword research will be a big part of this step.

Create the Content

Next, we’ll help you generate keyword-focused content including meta tags, blog posts, on-page material, search ads, optimized URLs, and more.

Track and Analyze Performance

The DGA team uses a variety of tracking tools that help us better understand how users are interacting with your content. We interpret the story behind every set of data.

Adjust Accordingly

After we’ve analyzed the user behavior data, we’ll suggest next steps in improving and adjusting your website’s SEO strategy. Rinse and repeat!

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