Why Growth-Driven Design?

Traditional website redesigns are dead. By implementing growth-driven design, our customers have received:

96% page view increase  -  
200% estimated return on investment  -  
500% increase in online leads

What is Growth-Driven Design?


Traditional websites are static. They’re created based on best guesses of what your customers want and then left in that static state for years. This traditional method can have HUGE upfront costs and lengthy time and resource commitments.

Instead, Cactus Cow uses the Growth-Driven Design methodology. A revolutionary approach to creating and constantly improving your online presence. By analyzing hard data about your website’s performance, we’ll make informed, continuous improvements that work! Your website is no longer static, it is constantly new.

Our average Growth-Driven Design customer invests $7,500-$12,000 per month and sees a 150% return on their investment within 6 months.  We won't take on clients that aren't prepared for significant growth/expansion or do not have a strong desire to grow.    We like to be as invested as you are... that's a true partnership.

How Does Growth-Driven Design Work?

First, we minimize risks associated with traditional web redesign by taking a systematic approach to shorten the time before launching your new site. In fact, you may not even need a new site. Growth-Driven Design begins by analyzing your existing site and determining if improvements can start there.

Then, advanced tracking tools are attached to your site, to continuously learn how real customers are using your site. Your data is analyzed, and the findings are presented to you.

Lastly, you receive recommendations in the form of small incremental changes based on the data received from the customer tracking reports. It is only through continuous improvements that you can reach peak performance.

This is an ongoing process. You don’t need frequent and costly redesigns when your website is constantly shedding its old skin and becoming new each month. Congratulations! You just evolved from a less effective, static website presence to a Growth-Driven Design approach that delivers a big impact.


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